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Imagine the Robins referring to each other by the order they were Robins.
Bruce will think Dick started it just so the others would call him Number One but really Tim started it to put Damian in his place.

"Number One hand me the remote"
"Sure thing Five"
"Hey, Two, get your feet off the table"
"Shut up Three!"

”hey where’s three and four?” “Making out in the courner.”
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happy birthday, steph! have some kontimsteph lovin’ (and booties) for your shipper heart :) 


happy birthday, steph! have some kontimsteph lovin’ (and booties) for your shipper heart :) 

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ephemeraltea → Tim and candy hoarding.


Tim hisses when Steph reaches for one of the snickers bars and she’s quick to hit him with the rolled up newspaper before he can snatch it away, “No, Tim, we’re never going to break you of this habit if you don’t learn to share!”

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"You and me’s s’posed to go out."


"You and me’s s’posed to go out."

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The couple that cosplays together


The couple that cosplays together

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robinfan → ♥


It was like any other normal day in the life of Timothy Drake-Wayne. Overcast skies from smog and pollution, birds singing, the sun beating overhead despite the cloud cover. He was busy eating his lunch outside in the raised courtyard near the top of Wayne Enterprises.

Yup, just another boring day at work for dear Timmy. He couldn’t wait to get out of his monkey suit and into costume for the nights patrol. He shared a secret smile with himself out in the courtyard, thankful that he at least had this small moment to himself.

That peace didn’t last very long, and something purple caught his attention. That something purple was coming outside to the courtyard from where his office was located. He internally sighed, there goes his peace, he thought, as he set down his sandwich and turned to greet the woman who was now standing in front of him.

"Steph." He smiled, of course she’d come during lunch. She always did on mondays, made life just a little more bearable. They’d known each other for quite sometime now, even dated a little when they were teenagers. But things happened and she went away for a while, and they didn’t speak again until recently.

Seeing her today though, made his chest swell and tingle, it wasn’t until he heard Stephanie cut her self off from chattering about his dumb intern who wouldn’t let her into the office that he followed her line of sight and looked down at his chest.

There is was, the red glow. This sort of thing wasn’t uncommon to see, everyone’s chest glowed bright red when they meet their soulmate. Though why Tim’s chest was glowing now was beyond him. He looked all around the courtyard, making sure it was just them, and even looked over the side. Nothing, just them. Tim looked back to the blonde woman he’d been partnering with on patrol for the last year and could only smile as her chest glowed too.

Tim did the only thing he could think of. He stood up, forgetting about his lunch, and pulled her into a tight embrace. Pulling back only slightly to brush the hair away from her face and kissed her.

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Anonymous → For that tropes ask meme, TimSteph (I'm on a kick lately) and I couldn't decide between telepathy and accidental baby acquisition so you pick? Please and thank :)


"Is that what I think it is?" Stephanie hisses as she ducks beside Tim. Gunfire shatters the glass of the car windows, and Tim tucks the bundle in his arms closer to his chest. 

"Look, I know this looks bad—"

"How does a baby end up in the middle of a turf war? What kind of—" Steph trails off as she catches sight of the baby. "Is that baby…scowling?”

Tim grimaces. “I couldn’t just leave him! Who knows what the little demon would do to my apartment while I was gone?”

"You were babysitting?! Oh my god. You brought a baby to a gunfight.”

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Anonymous → tim and steph sharing a bed


Steph jostled the handle of her apartment door, bumping it open with her hip as she maneuvered her boyfriend’s shuddering body inside. His dark hair clung to his face and neck, and his lips were nearly her favorite shade of purple. She stripped off his gear as she guided them to her bedroom, halting him at the door of her room to pull at his tunic and tights.

His skin was icy cold, and his teeth hadn’t stopped chattering since she had pulled him from Gotham Bay. 

Once stripped of his soaked uniform, she pushed him beneath the many layers of blankets mounted on her bed. She changed quickly into a thick pink sweater and warm, fuzzy pajama pants before ducking beneath the covers herself.

Steph wrapped her arms around the trembling boy, laying on top of him to warm him up as best she could. “Not one of your brightest moments, boy wonder,” she murmured into his neck, tucking her head below his shuddering chin.

"B-B-Beats f-frying in a f-fire," Tim chokes out, pulling her tighter to his chest.

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batmanisagatewaydrug → Tim and Steph, either bodyswap or bed sharing


"This is a disaster,” Tim groans in a voice that is distinctly not his.

"You’re telling me," Steph complains, pulling at not-her uniform. "I have to walk around with a cup. Do you know how weird that is for someone who shouldn’t need a cup?”

Tim runs a hand down not-his face. “I don’t even know where to begin looking for a solution to this.”

"Wait, I have an idea," Steph walks (awkwardly) toward Tim (with Tim’s  face), takes his head in her (his own) hands, and presses their lips together.

Tim pulls away a moment later, glaring into his own face in confusion. “Why did you think that would fix us?”

"Oh I didn’t," Steph smiles at him coyly (and it is distinctly her smile, he didn’t even know he could smile like that). “I just wanted to know if I was a good kisser or not.”

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Anonymous → TimSteph #5 (handcuffed together, and Steph taking full advantage of it)


"There’s no way we’re going to sit in your stuffy office all day, Timothy Drake," Stephanie announces.

"Do you have any idea how much paperwork I have to go through? Look, I know this is inconvenient—"

“‘Inconvenient?’” Steph’s smile promises an afternoon Tim knows he is going to regret. “I prefer to see this is an opportunity.

Tim’s afraid to ask but— “What kind of opportunity.”

"One where you finally take me out on a proper date.” Tim knows it’s going to be a disaster, but to be honest? A date sounds much better than paperwork, even if he has to eat with his left hand.

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